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Our online store door opened in late October of 2022. trends & trinkets' is a small online only retailer. We don't have a physical store, but the office location is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We started with making all silk scrunchies.  From the elastic to the thread used to sew it all together my handmade scrunchies made entirely of silk Every aspect of the scrunchie was silk.

Store owner and founder of Silk Anatomy, Kristy, wanted to do more than scrunchies.  So, she (I) decided to take it a step further and take a bite into the electronics side, yet more towards the accessories for our mobile phones, laptops and PC computers as well as odds and ends for the home and office to include other miscellaneous items. 

Now, we are dedicated to the highest quality of electronics and electronic accessories for everyday living on the go, at home or the office delivered with creativity, innovation and ingenuity to provide a pleasurable and extraordinary shopping experience when you visit our online store.

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We offer free shipping and free returns (standard rates may apply. See our Return Policy.) 

I thank you for visiting trends & trinkets today.  I wish you a pleasurable, extraordinary and fulfilling shopping experience.  Happy shopping.


Kristy Powell


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